We focus on three core activities: Selected and Advanced Generics and Consumer Health products.

Rx products

Since 1990, Stragen has always been committed to the development of Selected and Advanced Generics. As a result of decades of experience and expertise in R&D, combined with our continuous commitment to advancing public health, we constantly aim at improving the existing therapeutics by offering:

  • Niche molecules
  • Hard-to-make drugs
  • Innovative delivery forms to improve health daily practices
Rx products
Consumer health products

Consumer Health products

Today’s consumers are more digitally connected and educated about the need for healthier lifestyles than ever before. Concerned about preserving their health, they are taking an active role in selecting their treatment options and proactively looking for scientifically supported solutions. Our Health Care Innovation range offers unique, natural formulas made from scientifically selected active ingredients that are clinically proven to answer unmet consumer needs.