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Consumer health Products


α-GOS prebiotic, lactic acid and glycerol

The innovative solution for bacterial vaginosis symptoms relief

Specific α-GOS prebiotic
3 years of collaboration with one of the leading european research centres have been required to develop Gynevia®’s complex prebiotic (α-GOS), which promotes the selective growth of resident Lactobacilli (good flora) to the detriment of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina.

Clinically proven
Gynevia® treats bacterial vaginosis symptoms and prevents relapses by durably restoring a normal pH and a balanced vaginal flora.
Gynevia® eliminates malodorous vaginal discharge and relieves vaginal discomfort. Gynevia® can also be used to relieve vaginal dryness and vaginal symptoms of menopause.

Physiological action
Gynevia® physiologically restores a healthy and balanced vaginal flora thanks to its unique prebiotic’s action.

Convenient form
The optimum viscosity of Gynevia®’s gel ensures a consumer friendly application.

  • 100% of women have retrieved a healthy vaginal flora after 8 days of treatment.
  • 8/10 women without bacterial vaginosis relapses within the 6 months following the end of Gynevia® use.