Consumer Health Products

Our Health Care Innovation range offers unique, natural formulas made from scientifically selected active ingredients

We want women to be able to enjoy their life at every stage.

We are constantly working on developing new consumer products and we have a number of non-pharmaceutical products in product development. In the future, our aim is to meet the Finnish needs. That is why we listen to consumers.

Consumer health products


Polycarbophil, Carboxymethyl-β- glucan

The only vaginal spray gel that is effective on cervical lesions due to HPV

Specific combination of key active ingredients

Polycarbophil is a highly bioadhesive polymer that protects the cervical vaginal epithelium and improves the vaginal microbiota by lowering the pH. When applied to mucous membranes, it forms bonds with mucin generating a protective film that remains for a prolonged period exceeding 72 h.

Carboxymethyl-β- glucan
Carboxymethyl-ß-glucan is a linear glucose polysaccharide obtained by extraction from the cell wall of yeast cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It stimulates the immune system, has a tissue repairing action and a prebiotic effect.

Clinically proven
Colpofix® has been clinically proven to :

  • improve HPV clearance and vaginal microbiota
  • increase regression of cervical lesions
  • help epithelialization

Innovative and Ergonomic application
The innovation and ergonomic form of the canula ensures a uniform and long-term distribution of the gel throughout the vaginal walls. Spray application allows to reach the cervix without manual contact, hence avoiding bacterial contamination from lower areas, with good adherence characteristics, resulting in long persistence times. The disposable cannula prevents contamination and ensures hygiene.

Colpofix® is indicated in women with :

  • Low grade cervical lesions as alternative to “wait and see”
  • After cervical surgery to help re-epitelialization and reduce the risk or reinfection
  • Positive HPV test result


α-GOS prebiotic, lactic acid and glycerol

The innovative solution for bacterial vaginosis symptoms relief

Specific α-GOS prebiotic
3 years of collaboration with one of the leading european research centres have been required to develop Gynevia®’s complex prebiotic (α-GOS), which promotes the selective growth of resident Lactobacilli (good flora) to the detriment of pathogenic bacteria in the vagina.

Clinically proven
Gynevia® treats bacterial vaginosis symptoms and prevents relapses by durably restoring a normal pH and a balanced vaginal flora.
Gynevia® eliminates malodorous vaginal discharge and relieves vaginal discomfort. Gynevia® can also be used to relieve vaginal dryness and vaginal symptoms of menopause.

Physiological action
Gynevia® physiologically restores a healthy and balanced vaginal flora thanks to its unique prebiotic’s action.

Convenient form
The optimum viscosity of Gynevia®’s gel ensures a consumer friendly application.

  • 100% of women have retrieved a healthy vaginal flora after 8 days of treatment.
  • 8/10 women without bacterial vaginosis relapses within the 6 months following the end of Gynevia® use.
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