Jan 28, 2020 | STRAGEN FINLAND


Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is one of the most common & serious type of vaginal infections with a prevalence of 20% in women of reproductive age.

BV has a strong impact on quality of life due to bothersome symptoms (vaginal discomfort, malodorous & debilitating vaginal discharge) and can even lead to miscarriage during pregnancy. The main risk factors are menstruations, antibiotics intake, sexual activity and pregnancy.

Gynevia is now available in well-equipped pharmacies in Finland.

Gynevia is new, scientific innovation that relieves symptoms and helps to prevent relapses of bacterial vaginosis. It is a unique vaginal gel, that relieves vaginal discomfort and odours.

Gynevia is made of a key combination of special actives:

α-GOS : A highly specific prebiotic that restores a healthy vaginal flora by promoting the selective growth of lactobasilli to the detriment of patogens.

LACTID ACID: Helps to rapidly decrease the vaginal pH. Creates a favorable environment for the lactobasilli growth.

GLYCEROL : Provides an additional moisturizing and regenerating effect. Protects the vaginal epithelium from dehydration.

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