Meet Accountable Director of Stragen Finland

Sep 30, 2019 | STRAGEN FINLAND


Päivi Tossavainen 
Accountable Director

I work as Accountable Director of Stragen Finland and I am responsible of our quality system and that we act according to Good Distribution Practice. Maintenance of quality system includes, among others, maintenance of standard operation procedures, training of the team, evaluation of recall process, handling of adverse reactions and complaints.

Quality matters are close to my heart. Concerning our products, the quality, efficacy and safety to its users are very important things to me. Stragen products are manufactured 100% in Europe and thus meet the European requirements. Also co-operation between our Quality Assurance department and the manufacturing sites is easier when the sites are located in Europe.

Fimea has granted the pharmaceutical wholesale license to Stragen Finland as we are responsible of importation and distribution of Stragen medicinal products. Fimea supervises our operations but we are keen to do good work anyhow – for our customers. Patient safety and customer satisfaction are always on our priority.

Stragen Finland portfolio will soon increase with non-medicinal products. Our quality system will cover these consumer products as well as medicines. That means transportation and storage are taken place under controlled conditions, products are sold by health care professionals at pharmacies and possible feedback is entered to our quality system. Even if the new products do not contain active pharmaceutical ingredients, the efficacy and safety are tested in clinical trials. The quality is ensured by auditing the manufacturing site and analyzing the products according to the specifications. Therefore you can trust Stragen quality when it comes to medicinal and non-medicinal products.