Stragen Finland has opened a new online service for consumers


Stragen has opened a new online service:  The goal is to discuss about important issues for women. Key elements are: intimate health, sex, sexuality and contraception.

Naisten Alakerta offers reliable, inspiring and interesting information. The information is compiled together with professionals such as gynecologists and sexual therapists.

“These are themes, that may often have false beliefs, myths and suspicions. In Naisten Alakerta, we strive to correct these assumptions,” says Country Manager Minna Sibelius, Stragen Finland Oy. 

Stragen Finland’s goal is to modernise the field of women’s intimate and sexual health in Finland. “Opening a web service is a step forward in achieving this goal. For us, it is also important to listen to Finnish women. We continue to work towards this in the future,” says Sibelius.

Check out the new web service: