Exciting 2019 ahead

Jun 27, 2019 | STRAGEN FINLAND


2019 is a particularly important year for Stragen Finland: we will launch a new consumer product and open a new online service.

Our goal is to modernise the field of women’s intimate and sexual health in Finland. To achieve this goal, we are bringing to the market completely new, non-pharmacological products aimed directly at the consumer. These products contain neither hormones nor antibiotics, and their efficacy has been proven in clinical trials. We will launch our first new product in 2019.

In addition, this year, we are launching a website for Finnish women to provide current information on intimate and sexual health. Our aim is to listen to Finnish women through this service, and respond to their emerging needs with our future product development.

Stay tuned! 2019 promises to be an action-packed and interesting year. Let’s work together to change the field of women’s intimate and sexual health.

With regards, the Stragen Finland Team